Innovate Your Business Clinic

28 November 2018

Innovate Your Business 

At Highlands and Islands Enterprise we understand the importance of continual innovation in sustaining a business and maintaining competitive advantage. However, we know that implementing new ideas can be a tricky process.

That’s why we have created Innovate your Business, a support programme to help businesses in the Highlands and Islands develop new ideas into commercially viable opportunities.


Who is eligible for support?

We welcome approaches from small and medium sized enterprises with ideas that have the potential to:

  • Address an unexploited market opportunity
  • Overcome an internal process/efficiency challenge
  • Increase turnover and/or profitability of the business
  • Attract external investment (if required) to take it to market

We can work with you, one-to-one, to help you:

  • 1. Evaluate the potential of your idea

  • Sometimes having the idea is the easy bit. The most successful innovations are rigorously tested against multiple criteria throughout the development process.

2. Create a workable project plan

To maximise the return on investment it’s essential to develop a plan that includes measurable objectives, is time bound and considers the resources and the funding required to deliver it.

3. Access collaborators

Through our extensive network we can facilitate introductions to companies, academics, other support organisations, or potential customers, who could be valuable collaborators.

4. Provide financial support 

We can provide funding of up to £15,000 to small and medium sized enterprises towards projects that will economically benefit the business.


• An Lòchran, 10 Inverness Campus, Inverness, IV2 5NA

To book an appointment at one of the clinics, please contact: 
Michael Martin at or via the IYB Enquiry Line on 07393007042.


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