Transforming patient experience using digital technologies

27 October 2015 to 28 October 2015

The Western paradigm of health care has favored medical solutions rather than public health and culture. While this paradigm has been effective in delivering health care in the past, it is not positioned to handle complex new societal challenges. New approaches are needed to solve the problems facing health care delivery caused by ageing populations, globalization and long-term chronic conditions. Ensuring future effectiveness of medicine increasingly requires innovation through preventative, participatory, personalized, and predictive modes. Changes must involve movement from a reactive model to a preventative patient-centric model. Information and communication technologies will play an increasing role in this process at all stages of life leading to an approach which can simultaneously maximize health and minimize or prevent illness (creating preferable health outcomes).

This workshop aims to explore new ways of creating preferable health outcomes. This will be achieved by facilitating new collaborations between academics, clinicians, businesses, civic organisations, and government who have an interest in bottom up, transformational change in healthcare using information and communication technologies. The workshop will provide:

  • a platform for academics to present research within this field
  • the opportunity for clinicians and civic organisations to discuss key challenges requiring digital solutions in health and social care
  • the opportunity for businesses to understand this emerging landscape
  • the opportunity for government to present the overview of health and social care innovation in Scotland and Norway
  • a platform enabling the exchange of ideas between Scotland and Norway resulting in new collaborations and partnerships for future European funding.

The workshop is being organised by the Institute of Design Innovation (InDI) and health informatics researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). A creative collective of researchers from InDI will design and facilitate the workshops over the two day period. The InDI leads the Experience Labs, which are a core element of the Digital Health Institute, a Scottish Funding Council Innovation Centre.

There will also be an opportunity for businesses to participate in a half day programme that will showcase local business and collaborative opportunities. Please indicate areas of interest to enable a targeted programme to be designed.

Please click here for more information and registration.

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