Business Breakfast: Preparing for change in your business

27 May 2014

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), in conjunction with HIE and Business Gateway would like to invite you to a Business Breakfast which will focus on how to prepare for and manage change in your
business in order to grow and succeed. 

Where: Thistle Hotel in Inverness (IV2 3TR) 
When: Tuesday 27 May at 8:00 - 10:00 
How much: Free


Change in business, whether driven by internal or external influences, is a fact of life and in order to stay competitive, businesses must continually adapt to bring about improved efficiency, increased productivity and greater profitability.

Think ahead to where your business needs to be in one, three and five years’ time. What do you need to do
to get there? How do you identify the changes that will benefit your business and more crucially, how do you
take your most vital asset – your people, with you as you implement change?

Why should you attend?

Is it better to drive change or let change control your business? This breakfast workshop will set out some
steps to help you to:

  • Understand change - how to define clear goals and quantify the benefits.
  • Plan and prepare for change - how to create a change plan, identify barriers, communicate it and manage the impact of change.
  • Implement change - how to build an effective change team and obtain the buy-in of your staff.
  • Embed the change - how to return to the new 'business as usual'.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your workforce can start doing things differently and begin
to implement positive change in your business.

The event has been timed to ensure minimum time away from the workplace, starting at 8.00am with
breakfast rolls, fruit, pastries and refreshments and finishing promptly at 10.00am, with lots of opportunity to
ask questions and network.

This event is free of charge, with limited places, so please book early to avoid disappointment. You can either
register via the link or by calling the team on 0845 607 8787.

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