Entrepreneurial Academy: Brand development

27 April 2017

As part of HIE's Entrepreneurial Academy, this workshop provides you with the ability to evaluate your own brand and to consider how your brand is best developed. You will learn how to build the core elements of vision, mission and values and how to build a brand model to underpin decision making. You will gain knowledge on building a brand architecture that reflects your company’s operations and your users’ experience and how to develop brand guidelines. At the end of the workshop you will have an improved knowledge of what a brand is, how this can be valuable to your business, the key points that make a brand successful and an action plan for your company.

Who's it for?

This workshop is designed for business owners or management team members who can benefit from an insight into the key points to be considered when developing a new brand. This workshop will focus on the messages behind the brand to ensure you are provided with a valuable skillset to aid in the development of all future communications.

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