Discovery day for Highland SMEs and social enterprises

26 November 2015

Have you ever sought financial support or advice for your business on financial issues? Are you thinking about selling into a market overseas and would like more information, or maybe you have an idea for a novel product or process?

If you have looked for information on any of these, was it a good or bad experience? What were the challenges and barriers you encountered?

The Scottish Government and partners would like you to share your experiences with us at a one-day event on Thursday 26th November, in Inverness from 10am-4pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Your contribution will help us understand what businesses and social enterprises want, and the hurdles they face when looking for information, especially via the Internet.  This will help us shape, streamline and simplify access, and digital connections, to finance and services relating to exporting.

The day is being structured around a series of round-table discussions in groups of 8 or so people with the focus on gathering information directly from you about the barriers and challenges you face in accessing finance and advice or information on these subjects. There won’t be lots of presentations beyond some short introductory remarks.  This is very much about listening to you, the end-users, rather than Government / Agency solutions being promoted.

We’d like you to be as open and honest as you feel able to, and none of your views will be attributed, so tell us how it is, but also how you’d like it to be!

Please RSVP using the Eventbrite link below:-

Discovery Day for Highland SMEs and social enterprises

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