Are we open for business? Let's talk about seasonality

24 November 2015

Regardless of where your tourism business is located in Scotland, it's quite likely you will have experienced the challenges of your own particular off-season. You may find that you are running your operation at a loss during off-peak periods and feel the only option is to close down completely for a short period. In contrast, perhaps you are already enjoying all year round trade and a healthy bottom line and looking for the next opportunity. Today’s webinar session intends to get right under the skin of ‘tourism seasonality’ to identify what the seasonal issues and opportunities are, but more importantly what might be done about them. We will explore how you can be clever with your marketing efforts, how collaborating with other businesses may help to stretch your season and provide you with plenty of tips from businesses who are already successfully tackling their own seasonal dips.

We look forward to discussing this important topic with you.

Guest speakers:

Tanja Lister, Kylesku Hotel
Tanja and her partner have owned the Kylesku hotel for 6 years and have been increasing the season incrementally. Currently the hotel is open for 9.5 months a year, with plans afoot to open all year as from 2016 with the exception of January. The driver for this is the opportunity for year round employment for the team, as opposed to short, seasonal contracts. It would also be a great bonus to an area where traditionally the seasons have been very short, hindering tourism and local business alike.

In her spare time (she wishes she had some!), Tanja enjoys going out walking with the dogs. She also enjoys photography, which is how she originally fell in love with the area in the first place.


Julie Riddell, Highland Safaris
Embracing the characteristics of each season Julie has developed products for key market sectors so as to maximise visitor numbers year round. She was a midwife before joining Donald at Highland Safaris. Quite a contrast but she has risen to the challenge and her ability to understand what potential clients want from a day has allowed Highland Safaris to develop products which are unique, match clients expectations and are sustainable. As a native to Highland Perthshire, Julie loves the areas rich history and heritage as well as beauty of the hills themselves and she also likes to keep the team in order! Out of work, Julie enjoys mountain biking adventures with Donald and heading into the hills whenever time allows!

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