International Trade Webinar – Incoterms

24 February 2015

12:00 - 12:45

The International Trade team through the Smart Exporter Programme are running a series of pilot webinars throughout February and March aimed to provide an overview on a range of technical aspects of exporting.

Smart Exporter is an international trade skills programme delivered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise in partnership with Scottish Development International (SDI) and supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Who’s it for?

Our pilot webinars are targeted at Highlands and Islands companies who are thinking about or are new to exporting/international trade.


The nature of International trade is such that parties to a contract may be unfamiliar with trading practices in their respective countries, which can lead to misunderstandings. The International Chamber of Commerce recognizing the need for clarification of obligations and responsibilities of buyers and sellers in International Trade Contracts first published International Commercial Terms, or Incoterms in 1936, since then Incoterms have been reviewed on a regular basis with the current version having been updated in 2010.

Incoterms are standard trade terms that set out buyer and seller responsibilities. Each Incoterm outlines who is responsible for transport, insurance, duties and clearance. Whether an experienced exporter or new to the world of exporting, a working knowledge of Incoterms is therefore essential to avoid pitfalls in International Trade as failure to understand obligations and liabilities may ultimately lead to costly litigation.

This short webinar will look at -

  • The background and context to Incoterms
  • Incoterms three basic elements
  • Specific Incoterms explained
  • Practical applications of Incoterms
  • The Sellers obligations when using Incoterms


This webinar will be delivered by Ewan Ramsay from the Inverness Chamber of Commerce.  Ewan is a highly experienced and adaptable project manager and International Trade consultant with over 16 years’ experience and Worked with a range of Scottish SME’s to develop their International Trade strategies.
His experience covers a range of sectors including water resources, wastewater, water industry investment, renewable energy, technology innovation, community development and International Development, working in a range of international markets and conditions from mainland Europe and North America to remote and rural markets such as Scandinavia (including the Arctic Circle) and Eastern Africa.


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