Rethinking Remote: Innovative Solutions in Remote Healthcare

23 May 2016 to 24 May 2016

Rethinking Remote will highlight innovative solutions in remote healthcare by considering:

  • How have diverse remote communities solved healthcare challenges?
  • What role might technology play in providing solutions to healthcare in remote locations or communities?
  • In what innovative ways can healthcare workers or first responders be supported to provide better care in remote locations?
  • Can innovation in education and training make a difference to remote healthcare?

Speakers will include:

  • Professor Roger Stasser, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada
  • Professor George Crooks OBE, Medical Director, NHS 24 and Director of the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, UK
  • Professor Rhona Flin, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Dr Alistair Fraser, Vice President (Health), Royal Dutch Shell
  • Brigadier Tim Hodgetts CBE, Medical Director, Defence Medical Services

Abstracts will be invited for oral and poster presentations.

Be part of the discussion. Come share your experiences, research and ideas, together we can build innovative solutions to our common challenges.

Keep up to date with the latest conference information via the conference website.

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