Entrepreneurial Academy - Pitching Skills

22 November 2018

Pitching Skills

You are pitching every day without sometimes realising it! You pitch to your customers, suppliers, staff, business community or your bank or other investors. This workshop focuses upon helping you to get your message, personality and credibility across clear and consistently in every pitch.  The workshop teaches you practical tips and techniques and assists you to structure your pitch for maximum impact.  At the end of the workshop you will understand how make your pitch simple, clear and memorable for every audience and will have a compelling and engaging 60 second pitch for your company.

This workshop will be delivered by Maryanne Johnston. Maryanne has specialised in advising clients on pitching and presentation skills for over 16 years after training with the leading consultancy in this area of expertise in London. She works with a variety of clients across the UK and has provided coaching support for participants on the Converge Challenge.


Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) launched the Entrepreneurial Academy in 2017 to support entrepreneurs in the region accelerate their business growth. The Entrepreneurial Academy provides a suite of one-day, practice-based workshops delivered by experts with hands-on experience of running a business and supporting entrepreneurs. The Academy is a unique initiative to help you develop critical skills and equip you with the structures, tools and techniques to implement the learning in your business. You will also gain from working alongside other entrepreneurs and learning from their experiences.    

During 2018-20, the Entrepreneurial Academy will be rolled out across the Highlands and Islands providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills or refresh existing skills in your local area.


Workshop format

The workshops provide you with the chance to drill into the detail of the subject as it relates to your company or social enterprise. With ‘Chatham House Rules’ in place, you can feel comfortable troubleshooting your business challenges with the support of an expert provider and with the input of the other entrepreneurs in the room. 

Participants will leave each workshop with a deeper understanding of the topic and a toolkit or plan to turn this knowledge into action.


Who's it for?

The Entrepreneurial Academy is aimed at:

  • Early stage or young entrepreneurial companies or social enterprises with growth potential
  • Entrepreneurs – or their staff – who want to equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and tools to accelerate their growth
  • Entrepreneurs with the ambition to scale their businesses

Workshops coming up

From May 2018 until June 2020, the Entrepreneurial Academy will be delivered in Benbecula, Forres, Fort William, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Inverness, Oban, Portree, Thurso and Stornoway. Please note you can attend one workshop or more depending upon your business requirements.  

If you are interested in attending the one-day workshops, please sign up here.

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