Entrepreneurial Scotland – Power of Networks Event

21 March 2018

An important lesson to learn early on in your career as a business leader is that you simply cannot know everything. It’s vital that you remain curious about how others work and that you keep learning.

Being innovative means that you will have to learn from others and be able to adapt, identifying others that are able to share their skills and knowledge – people who keep coming up with new ideas, efficiencies and solutions.   The most powerful and effective networks are those that are diverse – ones that provide meaningful opportunities to explore new ideas and different ways of thinking. The self-affirmation that comes from spending time with like-minded people may provide successful results in the short term but it won’t encourage innovation. The challenge for leaders is to keep expanding and diversifying their network to ensure they connect with people from other sectors, cultures and career stages to gain new knowledge.

Join your host for the evening, Sandy Kennedy, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland, where you will be able to hear first-hand about the power of networks and, more importantly, have a chance to grow your own network.

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