Planning for Export Success - Inverness

19 September 2017

Plan for Export Success is an intermediate level programme starting in Inverness on Tuesday 19th September 2017 with follow 2 follow up session in October. 

The programme is targeted at Highlands and Islands businesses that are ready to take on the challenge of developing new business in international markets, or to introduce greater strategy and structure to the export steps already taken, and those that want to develop their export capability to grow in international markets.


This free group programme, runs over three days (September - October 2017) and is open to Highlands and Islands companies. It is fully funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) with funding from the European Regional Development Fund*.

How your company can benefit

  • Increased awareness of the opportunities offered by exporting
  • Greater appreciation of the capabilities and resources needed to export successfully – and to sustain that success in international markets
  • An understanding of how market research can be used to screen and select the right export markets – and the right sales channel partners
  • Guidance on how to develop your company's business model, value proposition, and route to market strategy - for export markets
  • Advice on your company's pricing strategy and payment methods
  • Support with the development of a robust action plan for the development of new international business.


This group programme involves a series of three 1-day workshops during September - October 2017.

  • Tuesday 19th September 2017
  • Tuesday 3rd October 2017
  • Tuesday 24th October 2017

Course format 

The workshops are delivered in an open and dynamic way by a facilitator who has in-depth experience of international business.

The focus is not on academic learning, it is on the application of good export process and practice. The sessions work as a peer group planning forum – where companies develop their export strategy guided by best practice as well as gain valuable skills.

Here’s how previous participants have benefitted:

"I found the Intermediate Programme an exceptionally good course. It was like having a manual on how to target, choose and manage new markets for export. I'm now very excited to be able to implement this manual in our company"

“I found I took different aspects from each day – everything was so useful and really helped to focus our export strategy”

“The work on partner selection process & criteria is very good. In addition, the partner proposition presentation opened my eyes to what we could be doing better”

The Programme is delivered by Martin McBride (Envision) who has 30 years’ experience of exporting/international business, in industry, consultancy, and ongoing investment and board involvement in exporting businesses.

*Please note that the courses are free of charge, but as it is a form of State Aid, it could count towards your overall De Minimis allowance.


For further information, please contact HIE's international team on: 


T: 0300 0135107

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