Create a Match-3 game in Unity

19 March 2016

Create a Match-3 game in Unity

Moray Game Jam
Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 1:45 PM to 3:45 PM (GMT) Elgin, United Kingdom

In this workshop, you'll start from a blank project in Unity and build a simple Match-3 game using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language. Topics covered in this workshops are:

•Creating a simple menu and 2D game scene.
•Import art assets and use them to build a grid of 'gems'.
•Add controls for swapping 'gems' within the grid.
•Add detection for a match of 3 gems and re-populate the grid with new 'gems'.
•Detect when no moves are possible.
•Keep score of each succesful match.
A session led by Andrew Mulholland, Director, Hunted Cow Studios

Find out more about Hunted Cow Studios, go to

Please note all young people who are 12 or under should be accompanied by an adult.

This session has sold out, there may be cancellations, if you wish to be added to a reserve list please e-mail


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