#hellodigital Data Crunch Lunch

17 October 2018

Lunch time networking sessions with guest speakers from data science. Today's topic is 'What can Big Data do for Conservation?'

Francesca Mancini is currently completing her PhD in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen and modelling the distribution of wildlife watchers using social media.

Wildlife watching activities are recognised as potential threats to the targeted wildlife. More than 5000 species are affected by tourism, and over 1000 of these species are Endangered or Critically Endangered. It is therefore extremely important to quantify these recreational activities in order to identify areas of conflict between humans and biodiversity, where high visitation could jeopardise the conservation status of the wildlife.

The widespread use of the Internet and social media offers the opportunity to use the data generated by their billions of users. 

Francesca Mancini is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist. She uses computational methods and unconventional data sources to investigate sustainability of socio-ecological systems. She has an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from La Sapienza University of Rome. After graduating Francesca moved to Aberdeen where she obtained a Master of Research in Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology. She is currently completing her PhD in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen and her research focuses on sustainable management of wildlife tourism

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