Understanding Online Reviews and Feedback for your Tourism Business

16 November 2018

Your brand is your reputation and in today’s digitally driven world, news about your business, both good and bad, travels fast.

No matter what type of tourism business you are in, consumers are more likely to trust their peers. That’s why businesses should think of customers as potential brand advocates, not one-off transactions.

It’s hard to ignore the powers of reviews when on average a business will experience an increase in sales of 31% because of positive reviews? Conversely, 22% of consumers won’t book up after reading just one negative review! The good news is that despite negative reviews, people are more likely to book if management has responded to these.

This session will provide you with the skills and understanding to better manage online reviews, both positive and negative, which in turn should help increase your visitor numbers. There will also be live demos of a number of review and feedback platforms.


Workshop Content

  • The power of User Generated Content
  • The different ways customers interact with you
  • Why reviews are so important
  • How to get more online reviews/feedback
  • Managing your reviews
  • How to deal with negative feedback
  • TripAdvisor online reviews
  • Google+ Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews

What do I need to bring?

Delegates can bring their own laptop or tablet if they wish. The presenter will also be doing live demos that will include reviews from some of the delegates’ businesses. Don’t forget to bring a power pack.


Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at management and business owners as reviews can be a sensitive subject and needs to be embraced by senior staff members. You do not need to have any reviews to benefit from this workshop.

What will I learn?

  • Understanding of the importance of online reviews
  • How to communicate with your customers
  • How to manage your online reviews
  • How to handle negative reviews
  • Understanding of which review platforms are important for your business

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