IOD event: Building an Effective Family Business Board

15 September 2015

Published on behlaf of the Institute of Directors (IoD)

The Course

This one-day course explores how to build a more effective board in a family or owner-managed business. The day includes the pivotal role of governance, specifically focusing on how the wider governance practices of ‘UK PLC’ can be interpreted and add value across the business as a whole and the board’s make up and processes.

The IoD asserts that corporate governance has an important role to play within unlisted and smaller enterprises in ensuring effective decisions are made. Governance must be appropriate to both the stage of development of a Family Business and its current ownership structure. Effective governance reduces risk, enhances strategic thinking and separates issues of ownership from those of directing. In Family business it can also be seen to aid succession by ensuring that the right type of directors are in place to take the business forward in line with the family’s vision.

Course Content

  • The rules of building an ‘effective’ board.
  • Overview of the Principles of the various UK Corporate Governance Codes.
  • Directors’ statutory duties and responsibilities.
  • Tackling the unique factors effecting Owner managed businesses.
  • Striking a balance between family control and effective management - people and processes.
  • Evaluating your board people, practices and processes. Leadership development - Next Generation & non owning talent.
  • Governance structures - The role of the Family Council & Family office.
  • The role of the independent NXD & the professional advisor. Ensuring Family Business Survival.
  • The Future - working with providers of private equity, employee ownership How the board leads an effective exit.

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