Upgrading or planning a new website for your tourism business? - Elgin (Digital Tourism Scotland)

14 March 2017

This course gives tourism businesses an understanding of what they need to consider before they engage in their next website build or upgrade and will aid in the management of external suppliers.

Explore and answer questions such as:

  • ♦ Who is the website for?
  • ♦ What are your business goals for the website and how can design and functionality help the business achieve these goals?

♦ Does the platform it is built on matter?
♦ Can a business balance best practice navigation and benefit from Search Engine Optimisation? Yes.
♦ What difference does online user experience make to conversion?
♦ Budget – what should a business out-source, what might they be able to learn and manage in-house?

During the workshop Delegates will be shown how to create a sitemap and their first wireframe using simple Microsoft Word templates – these form the basis of a good supplier brief and/or internal development plan.


The outcome of the workshop is a strategy to improve the business website to achieve measurable results and manage suppliers.

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