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09 February 2017


A packed day of panels, presentations and chat looking at how to make a success of your creative career. This one day version of XPONORTH offers the chance to meet a range of industry specialists, look at a range of challenges and opportunities and put your own questions forward.


Joan Johnston - "Engaging The Consumer Through Genuine Provenance" and Fiona Chautard - 'Textile Conversations'

Scotland has a broad array of premium producers from owner/makers to large global suppliers. The provenance of a product is becoming more important as conscious consumers search out authentic brands with genuine stories to tell. This presentation will highlight some of the key findings from recent research into this arena, whilst encompassing both national and global considerations.
Panel discussion with Fiona Chautard, Joan Johnson and a maker, discussion on the relevance for Trends in your product design and marketing.

Russell McLean – Crime pays
What is the secret of good crime writing? Why does my novel keep getting rejected? What are editors, publishers and readers looking for? Join author, freelance editor and critic Russell D McLean as he discusses tips and tricks of the trade for making your crime novel as strong as possible. From practical advice on editing to understanding the breadth of the genre, and understanding how the genre has evolved from the golden era of Christie and Chandler to the modern age of Child and Rankin (And what you can learn from that evolution) this session will equip you to better understand not only the crime genre, but also the traps that many writers fall into when trying to advance their careers, and the best ways to deal with them.

What do you do? A short introduction to what the different public sector agencies can do to help.
There is a wealth of support and information available from the public sector, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly who does what. This is your chance to get an overview of what a selection of the agencies can do to help.
Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Creative Scotland – Iain Hamilton, Head of Creative Industries, Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Scottish development International – Jeni Oliver, Senior International Executive – Creative Industries
Skills Development Scotland – David Martin, Key Sector Manager - Creative Industries
Interface – Carol-Ann Adams,
Business Gateway will provide information that will be available on the day

 Professor Donald MacLean - Developing your business strategy…the Highland way
In today’s business world, ideas around successful organisations are often defined through terms such as ‘profit-maximising’ and ‘growth-driven’. While relevant, these terms don’t necessarily support the full picture for ambitious businesses in rural regions. Creative businesses that are closely linked to community and place need more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach to business strategy.
Recent research by Professor Donald MacLean confirms that there are distinct benefits to developing a Highlands and Islands approach to business development and growth. We can play to our strengths and offer a form of organisation and business that not only places sustainability, personality and community values at the forefront, but fosters the agility, innovation and creativity that our international partners - and competitors - increasingly seek.
In this session, we’ll explore Highlands and Islands business together and look at some of the practical implications and possibilities of a regional business model and how we can foster it to develop our businesses, strengthen our collective voice and enrich our area.

Tristan Aitchison- Introduction to Editing with Final Cut Pro X
Learn the basics of editing and storytelling in this interactive, hands-on session. Using the intuitive editing software Final Cut Pro X participants will get a brief introduction to the tips and tricks editors use to help tell a story and then edit their own 1 minute micro-documentary. We’ll help you gain the confidence to begin editing your own projects whether on Final Cut or another editing platform.
Tristan Aitchison is a filmmaker and photographer from The Black Isle. He has an interest in documenting social issues. Tristan is currently in post-production of his debut feature documentary Sidney & Friends about the transgender and intersex community of Nairobi, Kenya. He is Film Tutor at BFI Film Academy Highlands and Islands, nurturing the next generation of creative talent.

Ally Gray – Market focus: Digital distribution
EmuBands Managing Director, Ally Gray, will be discussing how to distribute your music to leading digital retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon MP3. Offering attendees a comprehensive overview of the process, the session will also look at strategies to maximise your releases on these services.

Alex Howell – Working with commercial partners
RAWK Agency Founder and Group Account Director, Alex Howell, will discuss how creative businesses can attract brand partners for their projects. This interactive session will aim to offer an end-to-end perspective on the process, and look at the realities and growing opportunities for creative practitioners to forge collaborative relationships with commercial partners.

All speakers are available for one to one meetings as well as Jeni Oliver (International Executive, Creative Industries), Iain Hamilton (HIE Head of Creative Industries).
Creative Industries Network managers, Amanda Millen, Alex Smith, and Kate Hooper will also be available for a chat.

For any queries about the programme and to book your time slot for a 1 to 1 with them, please email indicating who you would like to meet with and your preferred time.



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