Compelling Content Masterclass - Lochgilphead (Digital Tourism Scotland)

08 March 2017

This master class addresses written, photographic and video content in one.

As well as understanding the science of how our brains process written, visual and video content you will learn how to:

♦ Take better photos: composition, lighting etc
♦ Make use of free, or inexpensive, apps to create stunning, compelling images, focusing on composition, colour and the use of text
♦ Post these images on social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube and Instagram
♦ Use devices to create a library of photographic content
♦ Cater for reading age and styling written content for digital platforms


This masterclass will help you in developing written, creative, photography and video skills. You will leave the session with content relevant to your audience ready for use across multiple social media platforms and the best hashtags to post alongside imagery increasing your brand reach.

For further information and to register for this event, click here

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