Making Google Analytics work for your Tourism Business

06 November 2018

This session is ideal for those who already have Google Analytics running on their websites, but who want to make it easier to use and get more from it. It’s an ideal follow up for anyone who has attended the Digital Boost – Web and Social Media Analytics workshop, and for those who want to know how they could be more efficient with their use of it.

Within the session, we’ll use a number of practical demonstrations on live accounts, covering the main interface, looking at some of the key reports within Analytics and how they can be used, administration features to speed up your use of Google Analytics, filtering features to get more from reports and an introduction to conversion tracking and its importance (which leads on to the advances session “Advanced Analytics for Tourism – Tag Manager, Search Console & more”)
Delegates can login to their own analytics accounts if they wish, though we’ll be using a live site as the example.

Workshop Content

  • Overview of the Google Analytics interface.
  • Practical Demonstration of key reports, where they are and how you might use them.
  • Basic Filtering features, such as Secondary dimensions, Date Comparisons and more.
  • Useful admin features such as Save reports, Dashboards and more.
  • IP Filtering
  • Introduction to conversion tracking and its importance.

What do I need to bring?

Delegates can bring their own laptop or tablet if they wish, though not everyone has Analytics fully setup to use. It’s important to note that some Google tools are quite different via tablet, and we’ll be using the web-based version of tools for this session. Live accounts will be used by the presenter to ensure everyone benefits from the session. Don’t forget to bring a power pack.

Who should attend?

We recommend that those attending should already have Google Analytics on their website. The session does not cover topics such as “how to add Analytics to my website”, covered in the Digital Boost Web and Social Analytics session. Ideally attendees will have some familiarity with the interface already, and already be using Analytics to some degree for regular reporting.

What will I learn?

  • How to navigate the Google Analytics interface.
  • How to find and use some of the key reports, including device types, demographics, landing pages and more.
  • How to improve your efficiency in using Analytics through some useful admin features.
  • How to gain more insight from standard reports, improving how you can use data.
  • How to stop you and your colleagues use of a site skewing Analytics data.
  • The importance of conversion tracking, and what will be covered in the advanced session.

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