Is your tourism business transacting successfully online? (Digital Tourism Scotland)

01 March 2017

How do you ensure you transact online and make money?

Concerned about lagging behind by not transacting online? Not convinced of return on investment and if your customers want to book or buy online?

Find out why you should be transacting online now.

Surgeries - Do you require 1-2-1 advice and hands-on help?

This is a 1-hour session with a Digital Marketing Specialist where you will receive advice and/or practical hands on support to resolve your digital marketing challenges. Support may include:

♦ Measuring social media activity across a range of platforms
♦ How to schedule a post on Facebook
♦ Hosting a Hangout on Google Plus
♦ Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page or launching an advertising campaign
♦ Using Hashtags on Twitter
♦ Searching for Social Media Influencers

For further information and to register your place, click here

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